Top 5 Tips to Safe Kayaking and Canoeing

Most of us love to spend our free time in the water, and the best activity we can engage in is kayaking and canoeing. These are outdoor activities that people of any age can enjoy. It not only helps in relaxing but also in keeping our body fit. But, like any other outdoor exercise, safety is paramount. It is essential to understand the key things to do while paddling a kayak or a canoe. Here are the top tips to assist you to feel confident while paddling;

1. Know the Weather Conditions

The most crucial thing is knowing the water temperature and weather conditions. You should be prepared for any weather changes and the possibility of capsizing. If you plan to paddle in cold water, wear a dry or wet suit to keep you comfortable and warm.

2. Wear a Life Jacket

You must wear a life jacket or floatation device while paddling. A life jacket will aid in keeping your head above water and keep you warm in cold water. While in a canoe or kayak, it is good to have your life jacket because you never know what might happen.

3. Know Your Level of Skill

Another safety tip is knowing your level of skill and what you can do. It is ideal to look for a quiet lake or calm bays that are not prone to hazards and currents. If you can’t swim properly, heading into water unprotected from waves and wind is dangerous.

4. Be Comfortable in Your Canoe.

You should know that re-entering a sit on the kayak is easier than re-entering a sit inside a kayak. So, you must practice getting in and out of a kayak before starting to paddle.

5. Know the Flow of Currents and Tides

If you are paddling in places with currents or tides, it is vital you know their direction and how strong they are. Paddling against the current can be exhausting.

While in water, things can go wrong and become severe in a blink of an eye. Ensure that you know the tips for safety kayaking and canoeing.